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Industrial & Commercial Cleaning Services Birmingham

Recent Cleaning Projects

Lloyds TSB Bank - Facade Clean...

Encanto specialise in challenging jobs, especially high rise buildings in inner city areas. The Lloyds TSB project was to clean se...

Wythenshawe - Car park exterio...

We at Encanto Ltd always enjoy challenging jobs and this one was no exception. The Wythenshawe job was one of our most demanding p...

How Encanto Can Help?

Encanto Ltd are industrial and commercial cleaning specialists when cleaning facades, full building exteriors and external areas using steam cleaning machines. We clean old, new and listed buildings.

Our portfolio is wide and varied and includes cleaning of car parks, graffiti, paint and much more; but is also well suited to listed buildings due to the non abrasive methods we use.

We have the knowledge and skills to provide cost-effective and appropriate commercial cleaning services & methods to almost any type of substrate.

We welcome cleaning enquiries from throughout the UK taking on any kind of industrial or commercial cleaning service. At Encanto, we specialise in challenging roles such as those requiring the use of cherry pickers, cranes, working in pedestrian areas and more.

We look forward to your enquiry.

What We Do
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