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About Us

Established in 2005 as Premier Sodablasting Ltd, Encanto began by offering a soda blasting service. This is an innovative cleaning method that uses compressed air to blast sodium bicarbonate at a surface to be cleaned. We found that soda blasting has its limitations for cleaning buildings so we began looking for alternatives.

We experimented with new processes, equipment and other blast cleaning media including calcite, ground walnut shell, coconut shell, olivine and others. However at Encanto, we subsequently found that steam cleaning is the most versatile.

For most jobs, from cleaning buildings right through to paved areas, we use superheated steam. ‘Super’ is steam over 100°c; we use steam at up to 150°c. One of the advantages of using steam or simply water is there are no COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) or disposal issues to deal with.

Pressurised superheated steam is an efficient non-toxic blast cleaning method that has wide ranging uses. Encanto have completed many small to large scale projects and are pleased to say that 80% of work undertaken is repeat instructions or recommendations from existing clients.

Our clients

Encanto have a wide variety of clients across a number of sectors including; construction, rail operations, airports, supermarkets, commercial and retail property, housing groups, building restoration and much more. 

Our many services include non abrasive steam cleaning of facades, paved areas, cladding, roof cleaning and precincts. We are experienced at graffiti and paint removal and specialise in challenging environments such as high level buildings, roofs, pedestrian areas etc.  We are also skilled in the construction and restoration sectors.  Please take a look through our case studies and see how Encanto can help you with your steam cleaning projects.

At Encanto, we work closely with authorities such as the Birmingham City Council Building Conservation Department. We have been involved in working on listed buildings and buildings of historical importance. 

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