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Car Park Cleaning Services

Car parks (both indoors and outdoors) rapidly become dirty. Oil stains, tyre marks, winter salt and dirty water dripping off vehicles can create issues for car park operators. We clean all types of car parks including multi-storey and basement. We have cleaned car parks at offices, hotels, hospitals and retail parks. We use jet washing machines to clean all types of dirt away.

No drains in the car park? No problem. We use ride-on scrubber dryer machines to suck water from the floor and deposit it into a drain. In most cases we can achieve a perfectly dry floor immediately after it has been cleaned.

We can clean all types of deck - from bare concrete and painted, to textured, bitumen and more.

Car park exteriors: At Encanto, we have cleaned the exteriors of multi storey car parks using suspended cradles for access and cherry pickers. In the past, we have cleaned car parks in city centres, hotels, pubs and educational establishments. Whatever your car park or distribution centre, we are happy to inspect and offer our cleaning services.

Encanto can provide a one off service to clean your car park or we are able to offer regular contracts, such as every 3 months as part of a contract car park cleaning service. We can offer a service to suit your business requirements. 

We use steam pressure washers and jet washing machines with floor cleaning attachments and industrial strength ride on scrubber dryers. 

If necessary we can work in the evenings or out of park hours, whatever is suitable for you and/or we can cordon off parking bays if there is a risk of over-spray.

Our car park cleaning service greatly improves customers' perceptions of the organisation they are visiting, again first impressions count. Keeping your car park clean reflects well on your business. If a clean image is important to your organisation, then we can help. 

Please contact us to discuss your car park cleaning requirements, large or small. Give us a call on 0121 296 0208 or email

At Encanto, we also provide a graffiti cleaning service. We understand the challenges involved in keeping public spaces free of graffiti. We offer a wide ranging graffiti maintenance service for car parks, buildings, shopping precincts, paved areas and any other building where graffiti can be a frequent occurrence.

Cleaning this new car park and pedestrian areas
Cleaning this new car park and pedestrian areas.
Before - Wythenshawe car park clean
Before - Wythenshawe car park clean
After - Wythenshaw Car park clean
After - Wythenshaw car park clean

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