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Case Studies

Lloyds TSB Bank - Facade Cleaning

Encanto specialise in challenging jobs, especially high rise buildings in inner city areas. The Lloyds TSB project was to clean selected parts of the banks façade in Colemore Row Birmingham. We soon discovered that scaffolding the building was not suitable so the work was carried out using a lorry mounted boom. 

Since Colemore Row is a busy road, Birmingham City Council allowed us to carry out the work on Sundays only. Through careful planning and consultation with the Council we were able to complete the entire job in one day.

Turnkey package

Lloyds TSB requested that we deal with all aspects of the project which included:

  • Permit to park the aerial platform on the road.

  • Permit to suspend car parking bays. 

  • Permit to block pavement and create a temporary walkway around vehicles.

  • Method statements.

  • Risk assessment.

  • Detailed drawings.

  • Hire of trucks and road barriers.

Minories Development - Paint Removal

Encanto have completed a large number of paint removal and brick cleaning contracts on heritage buildings. The Minories Development in 'The Jewelley Quarter', Hockley, West Midlands, was one of the largest we have undertaken to date. The site comprised of several 3 storey Victorian red brick and stone terraced buildings that had been crudely fused together to form factory units, offices etc. The whole of the facade had been painted to give a uniform finish. Encanto had the job of removing all this paint back to the original brickwork. We used high pressure steamers to remove what we could then we used paint softeners on the rest followed by a light acid clean.

Because the facade was grade 2 listed, much of our work was done under close guidance by Birmingham City Council Planning Department, the developer and the architect. Initially we had to carry out several test patches to ensure our processes were suitable and of course not doing any damage to the facade.

After 3 months of careful and vigilant work we completed the job and the end result comprises of 9 premium town houses, 4 apartments and 2 offices level, all completed to the highest specifications whilst retaining its original character. We have received many compliments about how this development has improved the area and we have completed many otehr similar jobs in the Jewellery Quarter as a result. The facade is now back to its original appearance.

Wythenshawe - Car park exterior clean

We at Encanto Ltd always enjoy challenging jobs and this one was no exception. The Wythenshawe job was one of our most demanding projects to date.

The job was to clean the exterior of a multistorey car park. Whilst seemingly straight forward there were tight health and safety measures and working practices in place because it was an active car park with many vehicles and people, all above a busy shopping precinct. We worked closely with a health and safety consultant to find the most suitable working methods and to minimise any potential dangers.

Access options were extremely limited. Cherry pickers and truck mounted booms were not permitted because of a weight restriction, so we used access cradles suspended from the top floor of the car park.

Some buildings have cradles permanently installed on roof tops but in this case we had to hire them on behalf of the client. The cradles are suspended from a rig or 'chassis' that is mounted on wheels and easily wheeled along. The cradles are raised and lowered with winches. The electricity supply to power the winches on the cradles was insufficient so we had to use mobile generators. Likewise there was no water supply readily available so we had to use standpipes with approx 100m of hose. Cradles are available in various sizes but for this job we had to use small ones because they had to be assembled on a flat roof directly below the work area. We used 2 steam pressure steamers to gently clean away years of dirt. It wasn’t necessary to use any chemicals, acids etc and we really did achieve an 'as new' finish.

Heartlands Hospital - Construction Cleaning

During August 2012, Encanto were busy cleaning new brickwork at a large construction site at Heartlands Hospital, Birmingham. The options for sitting the machine close enough to the work areas were limited, so we used the crane on site to lift it into a courtyard.

It is not often we have to do this but by being able to lift a machine creates cleaning opportunities that would otherwise be impossible. Being IPAF registered allows us to operate cherry pickers and scissor lifts giving access to high level and difficult-to-reach areas. Combine this with crane and cage work and being able to crane lift our machines, means we can reach the parts that others won't! Using four wheeled pick up trucks has its benefits too, being able to drive over awkward terrain. We like the challenging roles!

Queen Elizabeth Hospital - Paving Cleaning

As part of the Jubilee celebrations, the Queen and HRH The Duke of Edinburgh visited the new Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham. Encanto secured the job of cleaning paved areas around the main entrance to the building.

In the process we removed thousands of pieces of trodden in chewing gum and black grime from cigarette ash. All work had to be carried out at during the night. Five nights later we had managed to complete the job in time for the big day.

Moss Bros - Facade Cleaning

During February and March 2012 the Moss Bros flagship store on Regent Street in London underwent a complete refurbishment. As part of the works, Encanto were approached by the main contractor to clean the stonework around the ground and first floors.

Most buildings on Regent Street, including the Moss Bros store, are owned by the Crown Estate and they had an active role in specifying the cleaning works. Their concern was that the facade should not be cleaned too intensely as they didn't want it to stand out against neighboring units.

All work had to be carried out at night due to the large number of pedestrians in the daytime. This was a very involving job, having to consult with Moss Bros, the refurbishment contractor, the Crown Estate and Westminster City Council. Detailed risk assessments and method statements were created, approved and we got on with the job. Upon completion of the work all parties were delighted with the results.

Brockencote Hall - Facade Cleaning

Brockencote Hall in Chaddesley Corbett, Worcestershire, is a premium country hotel, restaurant and events venue. In April 2011 Encanto cleaned the whole of the exterior using a MEWP with a 23m telescopic boom with fly jib.

Due to the weight of the machine - 13 tonnes - we used heavy duty ground protection mats when driving across the croquet lawn and other soft ground. The building fabric is plaster which cleaned very well with the use of a steam cleaner ; the use of chemicals or detergents was not necessary.

As can be seen from the photos, we managed to get some aerial shots of the buildings afterwards. Having a head for heights is a pre-requisite for some of the jobs we carry out! The owners of the building were deoighted with the results as were we.

The Earl of Mercia, JD Weatherspoon - Facade

The Earl of Mercia is a grand building of brick and ornate stonework dating back to 1860 and was formally a hotel. It underwent a complete internal and external refurbishment in November 2010.

Encanto were employed to clean the façade of this public house in Coventry, West Midlands, which was scaffolded (6 levels) for ours and other work being carried out. Brick and stone were heavily carbonised; carbonisation is the term to describe how buildings, especially those in built up areas, turn black from atmospheric pollution. The only way to clean this type of problem is to use a special acid followed by a steam clean.

After 10 days of hard work we transformed the building back to it’s former glory. Cheers!

Lloyds TSB Construction Cleaning
Lloyds TSB Construction Cleaning
Wythenshawe car park clean
Wythenshawe car park clean
Heartlands Hospital
Heartlands Hospital
Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth
Moss Bro, Regent Street, London
Moss Bro, Regent Street, London
Brockencote Hall
Brockencote Hall
Brockencote Hall Machinery
Brockencote Hall Machinery
Brockencote Hall (Front view)
Brockencote Hall (Front view)
Earl of Mercia, JD Wetherspoons
Earl of Mercia, JD Wetherspoons

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