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Cladding Cleaning Services

Whilst cladding is a popular choice for the exteriors of buildings, it often becomes dirty. We clean all types of buildings with cladding, large or small, including high bays and large distribution warehouses. High pressure steam cleaning is well suited to cleaning metal, plastic, concrete and painted cladding systems.

Plastic or UPVC based cladding tends to become dirty rapidly. For various reasons it seems to attract more grime, atmospheric pollution and other types of dirt. Encanto cladding steam cleaning services can return its appearance back to as new.

Cleaning building exteriors is our main service and we have perfected this using our machinery,alongside having good knowledge of the capabilities of cherry pickers.

We can clean, renew and refurbish cladding as well as repair it, if necessary. We will of course carry out additional work such as cleaning of gutters, drains and downpipes of all dirt and debris. 

To date Encanto have cleaned many buildings with cladding, mainly those on industrial parks and out of town retail parks. We use a wide range of access equipment meaning we can reach all areas of a building exterior.

Health and safety always comes first; where there are large numbers of people or vehicle movements in the work vicinity, we are happy to carry out cladding cleaning out of hours.

The Encanto cladding cleaning service is quick and efficient and in most cases will return cladding back to its ‘as new’ appearance. We have carried out large and small scale cladding cleaning projects, using scissor lifts or cherry pickers in most cases.

Our machines use superheated steam to gently clean away all types of dirt. We offer a wide range of building exterior clean services - please contact us with your enquiry.

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Cleaning UPVC cladding at an industrial park
Cleaning UPVC cladding at an industrial park.

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