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Paint Stripping Birmingham (Door Stripping & More)

One of the most efficient and successful methods of paint removal is achieved from using steam and where necessary, paint softeners. In most cases this will remove paint without damage to the substrate. Non-abrasive paint stripping methods are the preferred choice when working on all types of buildings, including buildings of historical importance. We have completed many paint removal contracts, particularly in listed buildings returning them to their original appearance. At Encanto, we will carry out test patches to ensure the paint will remove to a satisfactory level.

In the past sand blasting was the only method available for paint removal. This is a highly abrasive process that is not suitable where bricks are soft, including Victorian red bricks. Stone varies considerably in its strength and our non-abrasive steam cleaning techniques work well on such surfaces. Sand blasting, shot blasting and other abrasive processes are suitable for applications such as stripping paint from steel girders and paint from timber if a a rustic appearance is required.

Using steam is an effective paint removal process. It works by the heat softening the paint and it falls away. There is little in the way of containment issues with overspray etc.

Paint spills are also jobs we have undertaken. Quite often cans of paint are spilled at car parks – see your local DIY warehouse car park! At Encanto, we use steam to quickly remove this paint.

Encanto’s paint removal service is not limited to car parks and buildings. We have removed paint from many different items including cranes, engine blocks, steel framed buildings, timber and more. Using steam cleaning technology, we have in the past, returned buildings back to their former glory. 

Cleaning buildings on building sites can pose considerable challenges. We at Encanto work safely and courteously and abide to all site health and safety requests.

Before - dilapidated Victorian factory units.
Before - dilapidated Victorian factory units.
After - paint removed and converted into townhouses and maisonettes. Hockley, Birmingham
After - paint removed and converted into townhouses and maisonettes. Hockley, Birmingham.

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