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Graffiti Removal Birmingham

Do you need some graffiti removed from your building, wall or pavement?

Let’s face it; unless Banksy’s been working his magic on your walls or pavement, graffiti tends to be nothing more than a nuisance. And, to make matters worse, unless you have access to the right machinery, it can take a lot of time and a lot of effort to remove.

It can make your building look unprofessional and become a bit of an eyesore – which is why we’d always recommend getting rid of it as soon as possible, before it entices other people to start adding their own graffiti to it.

Environmentally friendly experts in graffiti removal

Here at Encanto, we use a combination of a high pressure steam cleaning machine and a graffiti remover, where necessary – which means you can wave goodbye to most types of graffiti quickly.

This is great for:

  • Shopping centres
  • Paved areas
  • Hospitals
  • Schools

Essentially, if your building is marked with graffiti, we can help.

And because a steam cleaning technique is used, it’s environmentally friendly and gentle to the fabric of your building – which basically means your building won’t be damaged in any way.

Repeatedly experiencing graffiti?

If your building has become a bit of a target for graffiti, it’s worth looking at anti-graffiti coatings. These help to make sure your graffiti is removed with ease – while saving you money in building maintenance at the same time.

Permanent coatings help to make sure the surface is sealed, stopping any paint and ink from damaging your brickwork. Whilst it won’t stop your building from being sprayed with graffiti, it does ensure the clean up is incredibly quick and easy.

For more delicate buildings, you can opt for a sacrificial coating. These wash away with hot water, taking graffiti off with them. Once removed, a new coat is re-applied to the building.

Get a free graffiti removal quote now.

If you’d like to find out more about our graffiti removal service or would like to get a free, no-obligation quote, call us now on 0121 296 0208.

Encanto clean patios and paved areas of all sizes
Encanto clean patios and paved areas of all sizes.
Encanto undertake graffiti removal works of all sizes
Brefore - Encanto undertake graffiti removal works of all sizes.
Graffiti After
After - Graffit removed leaving the building 'as new'.

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