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Commercial Cleaning Rugby

Encanto were first established in 2005 as Premier Soda blasting Ltd and provided a bespoke soda blasting service. This is an innovative cleaning method that uses compressed air to blast sodium bicarbonate at a surface to be cleaned. Over the years we have developed into experts in industrial and commercial cleaning services, working with a large list of varied clients. We have mastered advanced equipment in order to deliver a first class, highly professional Rugby commercial cleaning service.

Our expert team can provide you with many different services, all of which can effortlessly restore any surface on any building. We provide our commercial cleaning in Rugby to old, new and listed buildings with non abrasive methods to ensure there is no damage whatsoever to any building’s facade, exterior or external area.

Some of our Rugby commercial cleaning services are as follows:

Steam Cleaning

We have fantastic advanced steam cleaning equipment which allows us to effectively and efficiently remove a wide range of things, even hard to shift graffiti. We use Superheated steam, which is over 100 °c, and is a strong, non-toxic blast cleaning method that delivers fantastic results. You can actually send us your item for steam cleaning. We will normally carry out cleaning test patches first, to ensure we can achieve satisfactory results.

Car Park Cleaning

Car parks quickly develop stains such as oil stains and tyre marks. This can then leave a car park looking dirty and messy which will then badly represent the building attached to it. Even if your car park has no drains and is covered in stains our highly professional team can clean and restore it, breathing new life back into the area.

Jet Wash

Our highly professional and reliable jet wash service is a fantastic way of both cleaning a surface and restoring it. Able to both beautifully clean a patio and bring it back to life, you will be amazed at what our jet wash team can do.

Cleaning of construction

Our expert team can efficiently clean both large and small construction sites. Our highly advanced machines can hose to up 100m in length, allowing us to easily clean even very large buildings. We pride ourselves on being able to access every nook and cranny that needs work. 

Our Rugby Commercial Cleaning team

We pride ourselves on our fantastic reputation for our highly professional services, wonderful customer service and cost-effective commercial and industrial cleaning.

Every member of our team have years of experience and are there to ensure your expectations are not just met but surpassed. It is our job to provide you with a bespoke, first class commercial cleaning service in Rugby. From start to finish, we will provide you with fantastic customer service and ensure all of your needs are met, no matter what they might be.


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