• Why Paving Cleaning is so important

Date: 12/08/2019

It’s important to make the right first impression as you’ll never be able to get a second chance at it. We therefore like to provide our customers with a paving cleaning service that will reflect the image of your brand helping achieve a great first impression. 

Why Paving Cleaning is so important

With your floor being exposed to the elements on a daily basis, it’s a certainty that moss, slime and stains will eventually take over the sparkling condition it once was. With your floor looking uncared for, it not only provides a negative first impression but it also carries safety risks to those walking upon it. Through algae and other green growth there is a slip hazard that can easily be prevented. Through paving cleaning you can maintain your floor providing a safe to walk on surface that also feels smooth underfoot.

How Encanto can help 

Our paving cleaning services will provide you with an immaculate finish achieved by our efficient range of equipment and our specialist team. We use high capacity steam paving cleaning machines that will clean up to 2000 square metres in one shift. This therefore allows our specialists to get the job done in the minimal amount of time, helping prevent disruption to your business.  

We’re able to undertake even the toughest of stains, we clean all kinds of properties even factories and warehouses. We always aim to achieve the best outcome and therefore we identify the most pro-active approach to paving cleaning before the project even commences. We have access to the latest paving cleaning solutions which allows us to undertake high levels of work without damaging your surfaces. 

Our specialists can either provide a one off clean or a regular clean in order to prevent moss growth and stains from overtaking your paving. We will identify the best treatment for the job and get your floor looking sparkling new. 

For more information on paving cleaning contact our Midlands based experts on 0121 296 0208 or info@encantoltd.co.uk