• Commercial Pressure Washing

    Commercial Pressure Washing Service

Encanto was established in 2005 and has been providing a commercial pressure washing service to businesses throughout the UK for 15 years. Our professional team are able to take on small to large scale works, and if needed they can use cherry pickers or cranes to reach any difficult areas. Through our extensive experience, we can provide commercial pressure washing for paving, car parks, buildings and factories.


We provide commercial pressure washing that is highly professional and affordable for businesses in the Midlands. We use the latest equipment to minimise the splashing of dirty water and to ensure that there is an even clean over the surface.


Commercial pressure washing will not only improve the appearance of your property, but it will also ensure that the outdoor areas that the public may use is safe to prevent any accidents. Our highly skilled team will work towards your requirements, we will put together a schedule to ensure that we are not disrupting your work whilst we are commercial pressure washing. If needed, we can also provide a risk assessment and method statement and if you have any additional safety rules we are more than happy to comply with them.


We use superheated steam that steams up to 150 degrees with no COSHH (control of substances hazardous to health) or disposal issues. This is to make sure that our commercial pressure washing is an environmentally friendly as possible. We do not use hazardous chemicals when providing our external cleaning service.


It is difficult to maintain and keep clean the outside of your property, which is why we use commercial pressure washing to ensure a good cleanse. We can provide our service as a one off or on a regular basis. Algae, chewing gum and general dirt and grime can blight the sturdiest surfaces, and if they build up then it could interfere with the traction properties of your surface, causing accidents and costly replacements. With commercial pressure washing, we can prevent this happening.