• COVID-19 Cleaning Services

COVID-19 Cleaning Services



With the Midlands being a hotspot for the coronavirus, we want to help prevent the spread of the virus as much as possible. We can treat all external areas, no matter how hard they are to reach. Our coronavirus decontamination services will help protect the environment and will lower the number of infectious agents to a safe level through disinfecting. We have made sure that our methods of coronavirus decontamination are suitable for any external surface, focusing on the most touched areas like benches, railings, smoking shelters and more. 


Research has shown that coronavirus can land on any surface through coughing, sneezing or touch and remains on the surface for up to 72 hours, it will remain on hard surfaces for up to 28 days. With our coronavirus decontamination services we can clean any public external areas to ensure the spread of the virus is lessened. We will also make sure that any technician performing our coronavirus decontamination service is wearing the correct PPE stated by the UK Government.


With over 15 years of experience, we can deep clean a variety of surfaces whilst still respecting the surface at hand. As the virus spreads through coughing, sneezing and touch we want to help clean the most touched items that the public use outside. We can start any of our coronavirus decontamination services as soon as possible.


Our coronavirus decontamination services are completely tailored to your needs and requirements; we are happy to work around any schedule you may have. COVID-19 coronavirus is an enveloped virus and we are confident that our technology and equipment will help to eliminate key strains of the virus.


The World Health Organisation (WHO) have stated that “COVID-19, coronavirus, may persist for a few hours or up to several days – depends on the type of surface that droplets land on and temperature and humidity of the surrounding environment”. Our coronavirus decontamination service will clean any external surfaces and leave a sterile environment. Whilst providing our service we will still adhere to the social distancing rules to ensure that the virus does not spread any further.