• Industrial Pressure Washing

    Industrial Pressure Washing

Encanto have been providing an industrial pressure washing service to businesses throughout the Midlands since 2005. Our team have experience in undertaking small to large scale works for buildings, paving, car parks, factories and more. If needed, we also have a wide range of access equipment to clean hard to reach areas.


A lot of industrial businesses will have outdoor areas like car parks, storage yards and walkways. These areas can get dirty extremely easily with the amount of people walking through them and because of the weather which could cause accidents. Therefore it is vital to get the surfaces cleaned, we can offer our industrial pressure washing service as a one off or on a regular basis to your property in the Midlands.


Our Midlands team are highly trained and professional in providing our industrial pressure washing service. We have built up an extensive portfolio allowing us to expand our knowledge. The team will work with you to make sure that your property in the Midlands as clean as possible. We will put together a schedule to ensure that our industrial pressure washing is not disrupting your work and will follow any additional or site-specific safety procedures.


For our industrial pressure washing service, we use superheated steam which will steam up to 150 degrees with no COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health). This allows us to be as environmentally friendly as possible as we do not use hazardous chemicals to meet health and safety regulations whilst respecting your property in the Midlands


Encanto’s main aim is to provide a highly professional and affordable industrial pressure washing service, we will use the latest equipment to minimise the splashing of dirty water and provide an even clean to the surface.


We can provide you with a free quote and consultation if you require our industrial pressure washing service for your building in the Midlands. Get in touch with our Midlands team today!