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Roof & Gutter Cleaning Birmingham

In need of roof cleaning services?

Do you feel like your roof is dragging down the appearance of your property?

Would you like to get rid of any moss, lichen, or algae quickly and efficiently?

If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Here at Encanto, we can take care of all the roof cleaning required, thanks to our state of the art steam cleaning machines. Your roof will instantly look as good as new and, because we apply roofing sealants, you can be confident that they’ll stay looking that way for as long as possible.

The roof cleaning that works on all types of roofs

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve a tiled roof, a slate roof, or all that’s in between; you’ll be able to get the results you’re looking for. Whether you’re looking to clean domestic, industrial, or commercial buildings, large or small, you’ll get the expertise and efficiency you want with Encanto. Below are just a few examples of roof cleaning we can carry out:

  • Tiled roof cleaning
  • Slate roof cleaning
  • Pitched roof cleaning
  • Flat roof cleaning
  • Canopy roof cleaning
  • Solar panel cleaning
  • And so much more

Our roof cleaning service also includes emptying gutters, downpipes and all rain water goods of any debris.

So your roof won’t just look amazing, it’ll be more functional too.

How does it work?

In order to gain access to your roof, we’ll typically use a cherry picker or truck mounted boom. This doesn’t require a lot of space so you won’t have to worry about clearing an entire car park or anything like that – in most cases, we only need one parking space.

Of course, safety is essential when working at such heights – that’s why we’ll always carry out full risk assessments and method statements. If it’s a commercial building, we can carry out the work at night to avoid disruption and ensuring minimal risk for people below.

How often should you get your roofs cleaned?

Over time, moss builds up and starts to absorb water. This dampness can actually seep through the lath and felt of a roof, causing it to decay – something that can prove expensive to fix.

Not only that, it can block drains which can become quite frustrating to deal with.

Our steam pressure washing removes and kills growth spores, meaning that you won’t have to get your roof cleaned as often as you think. We would recommend at least once a year to remove all pigeon mess, as this can permanently stain a surface due to its high level of acid.

Want to arrange your roof cleaning?

If you’d like to find out more about our roof cleaning services or would like to arrange to have your roof cleaned, request a free, no-obligation quote. All you have to do is call us now on 0121 296 0208 to get started.

Cleaning pitched roofs at this office refurbishment project, Amersham
Cleaning pitched roofs at this office refurbishment project, Amersham.
Roof View
Roof View.
Cherry Picker used
Cherry Picker used.
Using a compact cherry picker to clean the roof of a house, Worcestershire
Using a compact cherry picker to clean the roof of a house, Worcestershire.

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